Without a strategy, nothing happens! 

The first step of the quality journey is developing your vision and mission statements. We will assist and help you define your vision and mission statements.  

Vision - A vision statement outlines what you want to be. It focuses on tomorrow; it is inspirational; it provides clear decision-making criteria; and it is timeless.

Mission -  A mission statement is a brief description of your fundamental purpose.  A mission statement answers the question, “Why do I exist?” The mission statement articulates your purpose in life.

How do we get there?  Destiny PreZents will guide you through the process of defining “how” we get to your vision.  

We guide the process by which you envision your future and define your mission; develop strategies, goals, objectives and action plans to achieve that future.  “Envisioning involves a belief that what we do in the present can influence and change aspects of the future.” 

We help you create a plan of how to get to the future that you want.  Our process is coherent and unifying.  It is an integrative pattern of decision making transforming any organization into a high-performance enterprise. 

Importance of Strategy:

  • It accomplishes the mission.
  • It facilitates understanding.
  • It provides a sense of momentum.
  • It maximizes energy.
  • It properly invests resources.

Our plans are flexible, explicit, and proactive and are implemented with a conscious awareness that planning and action take place in complex social, political and economic environments.