About us

Destiny PreZents is a full service Strategic Planning, Project Management and Event Production Company proudly serving global companies, associations, nonprofits, ministries, church denominations, as well as exclusive individual clients.  DP’s team of consultants has been involved in the strategic planning process of many multi-faceted dynamic organizations.

Understanding our clients' ideas and concerns and making decisions with the client's vision in mind is how we help solve issues from bearing organizational burdens by being your valued partner. In listening to our clients and understanding their needs and objectives, we transform  ideas into an inspired reality. 

As a full service company we do it all: Consulting, planning, project management and event production. We deliver a refined project management process that smoothly integrates the complex creative design, strategy, development, planning and implementation. 

We provide total project accountability.  No detail is overlooked.  We accept engagements that we genuinely believe will provide effective service and make a measurable difference in the life of an organization.

Listening to our clients and understanding there needs and objectives, we transform an idea into an inspired reality