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Program/Project Management
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Moving from Information to Implementation 

How creative has your organization been in doing more with substantially less?  Finding means and methods to do the mighty mission with impossibly small margins is how we have adapted in today's economic climate.  We want to help you meet the needs of the community and your mission.  Our joy comes from showing people how to use the existing assets differently for better results.  

Destiny PreZENts Solutions fresh approach to project management allows clients to drive projects to completion effectively and efficiently.  With our proven methodology, “Compass” we will guide you through crossroads, roundabouts, and roadblocks with a level of knowledge that can be reapplied in all areas.  We serve as a source to help you achieve the mission and use resources differently, allowing you more capability.

Our role is focused. We provide turnkey management solutions that involve people, combine the project management expertise, processes, and technologies to cost-effectively manage your project initiatives. DP Solutions’ onsite or offsite resources bring immediate project management capabilities directly to your organization, creating value, even in today's economic environment.   

“Destiny PreZENts team is experienced and successful - they have actually done what the talk about!”….. Nikki Washington (Kldwin Enterprises)

We leverage our 15 plus years of experience and proven success in large corporate business environments or nonprofit industries: Entertainment/News, Media, Advertising, Mortgage Banking, Lending, Automotive, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Governmental/ Municipal Agencies, Concession/Events, Telecommunication, Nonprofit: Church and ministries.

We have expanded our services to include virtual Project Management and virtual Business Analysis.  As the world of technology expands the world grows smaller and communications move faster.  We are now able to support and service global companies with the same level of expertise as if we were onsite. 

To learn more about how our project/program management services can support you, please contact us today at 310-637-1828.