Once you stop learning, you stop leading. In order to be an effective leader and to train others to lead, you must balance four leadership concepts: planning, teaching, sharing and fellowship.

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Virtual Project Management and Business Analysis support

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"The Path™

You will discover the highest purpose for your life, and within a few hours, have a step-by-step action plan for pursuing it?

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Our Team
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With of 25 years experience, our team is experienced and successful - we have actually done what we talk about! 

We leverage years of experience and proven success in large corporate business environments or nonprofit industries:

  • Entertainment/News
  • Media, Advertising
  • Mortgage Banking, Lending
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Education
  • Governmental/ Municipal Agencies
  • Events/Concession
  • Telecommunication
  • Nonprofit: Church and ministries